About Bishops Park

Since 1998 the team at bpdc has focused on prevention of dental disease and conservative dental care. We are dedicated to excellence in dental care with a strong focus on personal care throughout the process. We are able to offer expert general, cosmetic and reconstructive treatments, using preventative and conservative techniques that are kind to your teeth and gums.

Practice Services

Regular Dental Care Programme

At your check-up appointment there is every chance to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Once a thorough assessment has been made there is again time to talk to the dentist about your dental health and agree your care plan.

High Quality Dentistry

Each modern surgery is fully equipped allowing us to use the latest techniques and best dental materials available in a relaxing and unhurried environment. Why not sit back and relax watching a DVD of your choice via our DVD glasses, whilst we carry out your dental treatment.

Specialised Dental Services

Surgical Dentists are highly trained in the field of dental surgery, specialising in the more complex extraction cases.
- Implantology (Specialist in surgical dentistry).
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At BPDC we have a specialist in this field and offer various types of invisible braces.
Formally trained and certified in the field of orthodontics, they can uniquely offer the full range of orthodontic treatment options allowing you to achieve the best possible result.
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Dental Hygienist Clinic

We offer a full time dental hygienist clinic including Saturdays and evenings. Dental hygiene care is an important part of our practice philosophy. By carrying out thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums, and providing oral hygiene and dietary advice the hygienists aim to prevent gum disease, dental decay, and mouth odour problems. Regular hygienist visits will help you achieve and maintain optimal dental health.

Childrens Teeth

We have a strong focus on looking after and protecting children's teeth, right from the start. We endeavour to strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay whilst aiming to encourage good hygiene and dietary habits. We routinely offer preventive fluoride techniques, and fissure sealants as well as sound hygiene and dietary advice.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

We at Bishops Park, fully understand the importance of a healthy and attractive smile and how it may affect the way you smile. That is why we offer a full range of top end cosmetic procedures including in-house and home tooth whitening. Should a crown or veneer be needed our laboratories will create a beautiful metal-free and colour-matched piece of work. Our white fillings are carefully produced either at the chair side or at the laboratory, again designed to be as natural-looking as possible.
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